'I'm not a bloody Geisha!'


Mr T being all… Mr T. #rosiemarcel @benjhull

❝ They placed me with a foster family, one of many. They had a daughter same age, Emma. Her family was nice too me. I wasn’t used to it. I realised that what was what it was supposed to be like. I was so jealous, of perfect little Emma. With her blonde plaits tied up with satin yellow ribbons. I wanted to be her, to have what she had and I wanted her to know what it felt like to be me - to have nothing… But my daughter will have everything she had. ❞

- Little Star (Holby City) - Jac Naylor (via damemarcelofholby)

Grandpa Hanssen


is now needed to talk some sense into mummy Naylor.


Jac and Emma are the cutest.


aw aw triple awww

Something bothering me about Holby…

Well, loads of things actually. Mainly centred around Jonny being a complete arsehole.

But anyway.

Where is Jasmine?

Why isn’t she with her Mum?

Does Jasmine even know that her Mum is dying?

Did Paula dump her as well?

Why hasn’t Jac mentioned her?

Doesn’t it say on her notes that she has another daughter?

Please someone tell me I am not going insane…

A while back, Jac treated her ‘Dad’ on AAU, right? He was in jail or something, a conman. Possibly Frank Naylor? Am I remembering this right or did I dream it? I assume he was her stepdad or something?